Why do I dislike Apple so?

I have a strong dislike for ANYTHING Apple*

Schemed Obsolescing
Because I design and maintain web sites I finally realized that I needed an Apple device for testing of sites. I ebayed an iPad mod 3 (old guy) and while it still works well I soon discovered just how dastardly these creatures at apple are.
You can only get an App from Apple.  All apps available (upgraded for the newest apple device) for downloading can only be downloaded by a current edition device. You cannot download to an earlier device. Further if you have an older device and want to get the edition of the app that worked on it -tuff sorry guy it’s no longer available. My old iPad works pretty good but I haven’t been able to install anything since I got it.
I always wondered why apple cultists were always buying the new thingee – Now I know.

On the other hand
With Linux whatever worked whenever, on whatever device however old or new, with whatever edition of the OS, you can find and install anything in whatever edition, and on & on & on & on & on

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